• Kaitlyn

Things That Inspire - Winter

In honor of the first sticking snow of the season, it seemed fitting to write up something on staying inspired during the dark and dreary months. I've got some mixed feelings about this particular season, so it helps me to notice the little moments - a tight hug, a bright pair of mittens, a big belly laugh from an old family story.

So, without order or priority - here are a few of the things that keep me smiling and seeing beauty this time of year. I hope that you find inspiration in some of them as well!

  • The swirls of cream in a fresh cup of coffee

  • Crackling fireplaces (bonus points if accompanied by a good red wine)

  • Flour covered hands

  • The perfect bite after you dip a piece of homemade biscotti into piping hot coffee

  • Colorful lights on dreary nights

  • The smell of hot-out-the-oven oatmeal raisin cookies (my dad has made them every winter since I was little, and the smell takes me back to sitting in front of the fireplace snuggled up watching movies together)

  • Bright, white kitchens

  • Sparkle days (AKA the mornings after a fresh blanket of snow, when the sun makes the whole space looks like it's glittered)

  • Reflections in my coffee cup (Okay, so - noticing a trend? Maybe I just like coffee?)

  • Playfully shaped cocoa toppers

- Kaitlyn

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