• Kaitlyn

Squire's Castle

I am so pumped about this location that I'm blogging about it before I've even finished going through the take! (#ThatExcited). I've had Squire's Castle on my list of places to check out for years, but it's out in an area that I don't shoot in often and I just haven't gotten around to it.

This week, I brought it up as an option to one of my clients that wanted something different from the usual winter/Christmas portrait and they were up to brave the cold for some unique shots! I'm so glad they did because this place is beyond cool. Seriously, just LOOK AT IT.

All old-timey and gutted and abandoned. The history of Squire's is that it was an old gatehouse in the 1890's, and it was modeled after German and English baronial castles (Yes, I just casually used the word 'baronial'). When I first pulled up today, there was a guy singing classical music that was filling the space so I basically got transported to 1894. If you live in the area, you absolutely have to check it out.

The inside was spacey and bright and super neat, here are a few of my faves from quickly running through my take.

- Kaitlyn

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