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Preparing For Your Summer Session

You found a photographer you love. You know you need some new art on your walls. You book a session, and you're pumped! There's only one problem - it's in mid-August, with a 95 degree, 87% humidity forecast, and all of your kids' nice clothes are long pants and button downs. Sound familiar?

Usually when clients book an outdoor summer session the first question I get is, "What do we wear?!"

It's not easy to look calm, cool, and collected when you're melting in the summer sun - but there are ways to make your photo session easy and breezy!

1. Stay safe!

Pack up enough water bottles for everyone in your family and don't forget to put on sunblock if you're on the fair side. I recommend Super Goop for pre-makeup application, or for those going without. Coola Setting Spray is great once you're done up, and helps keep makeup from melting while providing some extra sun protection.

2. Bring some snackage.

If you know that your kiddos get peckish after running around for a bit, bring some no-mess snacks that they can eat when they're not in the shot. Better yet, bring a cooler with ice cream bars (or plan to visit an ice cream shop!) and incorporate those tasty treats into your session for some super sweet photos!

3. Aim for the beginning of end of the day.

Mid-day light is very direct (read: not flattering), so unless your session is at a particularly shady spot it's a good idea to schedule your session sometime mid-morning or close to sunset. If you're early birds, get your worm by meeting your photographer before the hot spots get filled up with tourists! Like to sleep in? Catch that gorgeous golden hour and have photos filled with dreamy light. Either way, make sure that you're scheduling when everyone in the family will be well rested and fed!

4. Plan your itinerary.

If you want to incorporate a splash pad, beach, or local ice cream shop - go there last! That way you aren't schlepping around with wet clothes and sticky kids.

5. Think comfy and cool!

The rule of thumb for photo clothes is to avoid tight patterns, words, logos, and really bright colors (neons will make you look neon!). Make sure that everyone in the photos is generally color coordinated, without getting matchy matchy. Neutral colors with soft, flowing fabrics are flattering on just about everyone - and they will make sure that you stand out from the background in your photos! Think creams, pastels, greys, slate blues, and oatmeals.

Feeling a little more funky than that? Choose a bold color or two, and incorporate those into everyone's looks for the day.

6. Be prepared for the inevitable.

Okay, so you have light, breezy outfits, but the forecast says it will be more humid than a jungle on your shoot day? Bring along some oil blotting sheets for shiny faces, and plenty of wipes for any other sweaty spots (I like these because they wipe up the sweat and have a cooling sensation).

In a pinch - if you're sticking close to the car - leave your AC on so that you can quickly jump in and cool off. And, if all else fails, bring along some of those tiny fans that they sell at amusement parks!

7. Have fun!

Yes, photo shoots can be stressful, but they're worth the hassle to have memories captured years down the road. Remember that it's all about capturing the dynamic of you and try to loosen up and have fun in front of the camera. The proof is in the pudding!

Did this post make you realize that you haven't taken family photos since 2011? Shoot me a message, and let's fix that!



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