• Kaitlyn

On Trying & Failing

So for a few weeks now, I've had an image stuck in my head. One I couldn't quite describe, and one that I couldn't find a similar version online to start planning things out - but I knew that I had to give it a shot regardless.

I also just got a new camera body (RIP to my Mark II, who clicked his last shutter in September) and thought that a low light shoot like the one I had in mind would be the perfect way to test out it's limits. In case the title wasn't spoiler-y enough, things didn't work out as planned - which is maybe why I couldn't find anything similar online.

Regardless, once I realized that the image in my brain was probably more suited to a big fancy studio set-up (as opposed to my two tiny strobes and some gel samples) it was fun. And so, I got to spend an evening hanging out with my best friend and making some images that were just that - fun! Not perfect, not at all what I had in my head, but goofy and flashy and real.

I say all that to offer a little reminder that failure is what you make it, and not something to dread. I still got to capture some memories, and take the new camera for a silly spin!

And here's this silly photo of my in my element, just 'cause!

- Kaitlyn

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