Tips for a Successful Newborn Session

First: Congratulations on your new baby!

Being a parent myself, I know how little, fragile and beautiful newborns are. I also know that they can be challenging….but I love working with them anyway!

Planning and preparing for a newborn photo session can be confusing, especially if you are a new parent. This list is half tips & tricks and half a 'what to expect' for your session.

Before the Session

I pencil in your due date as soon as the contract is signed, but babies come when they want to! Please put my name and number on the "Baby has arrived!" list so that we can get your session time scheduled within roughly the first two weeks after birth.


The vast majority of the time, I plan to do newborn photos in your home. Those first couple of weeks are a doozy, and everyone is more comfy in a familiar environment. Don't be worried if your house is a mess - you just had a baby! Dishes and clutter are day to day life (I have a toddler, so I promise I know it well) and are no problem to work around.

Usually photos take place mainly in the nursery, with family photos on a big comfy couch or mom and dad's bed. If the weather is warm and you'd like to take baby outside for some photos, I'm happy to do that as well.

I love light

I ask that you open all of the blinds and curtains in your home prior before our session. Nothing flatters like natural light, and this lets me find the best sources of it in your home!
For this reason, sessions are normally done mid-morning to late-afternoon, whenever window light in your home is at it's best.
I'll also bring additional lighting equipment just in case!

Babies like it warm

I recommend cranking up the heat a couple of degrees, as babies are used to being bundled up warm and cozy.

What to wear?

Honestly, whatever makes you comfortable. I tend to recommend solid colors rather than patterns, and always suggest staying away from things that have text or logos. If you're struggling to choose an outfit, or wondering if color palettes work well together, feel free to shoot me a text or email as I'm always down to be a second opinion.

Session Layout

Every newborn session is different - though they are little, they are definitely the boss! Typically, if other siblings are going to be involved in the shoot I try to start with those so that if the older kiddos get tired, hungry, bored, etc. they're already done for the day. From there, it's very go with the flow. I try to get some photos of mom and dad both with the baby, and a few of each parent solo. If you're breastfeeding and would like a few photos to capture that relationship, I'm happy to do that as well.


I love pictures that capture beautifully mundane moments. Baby feet in the air, snuggles in the glider, hands fastening a swaddle. The first few weeks with a new baby are a whirlwind, and it's made up of zillions of those tiny moments. My main goal is to capture as many of these as I can for you!

So, relax!

$h!t (literally) happens. Baby may get fussy or hungry, or have a massive blowout diaper during the session. It is   o  k  a  y! Sometimes those moments turn into beautiful images, like dad gently shushing baby to calm them, or mom swaying baby around the room.


Whenever baby is extra sleepy (or "milk drunk") is when I'll do any solo photos of him or her. This is the time where we can incorporate any props or special poses that you'd like to try. It's also the only time that I try to get any big siblings to play quietly away from the area, and may recommend using a white noise machine.

After the Session

Once the session is finished, you can expect some previews throughout the days following your session via Facebook and/or Instagram. If you have indicated you prefer I not share your images on social media, then I will reserve all image viewing for you after your gallery is ready.  Your personal online gallery will be emailed to you within 2-3 weeks of your session. Instructions regarding how to proceed after you receive your gallery will be included in your email.

Can't wait to meet your beautiful baby!

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