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Kaitlyn Bernauer Photography, LLC specializes in candid-focused wedding photography in the Greater Cleveland area

to get in touch, email me at kaitlyn@kaitlynbernauer.com

I believe...

I believe in authenticity - in don’t let go’s, in happy tears, in running down the aisle cause you just can’t wait another minute. I believe the little moments are just as impactful as the big ones, because getting there is half of the adventure. How she knows exactly how you like your eggs, how the little patter of feet act as your alarm clock, how he can tell the moment you walk in the door if you need a cheesy line. I believe that in the mundane, there is beauty.

I believe in vulnerability. That there’s nothing more courageous than opening up to another soul. I believe that happily ever afters take hard work, perseverance, and compromise - and that in challenge there is strength. I believe that there is always a silver lining.

I believe in storytelling, because your reality is better than anything I could dream up. Because at the end of the day, photos give us moments to hold onto, to look back on, and to cherish. I believe in sensitivity, and respect. I believe that in order to capture who you are, I need to get to know you first. Your hopes and dreams, your concerns, and the special spark that keeps you going.

And on that note, I believe in quirky - in marching to the beat of your own drum, and going against the grain. I believe that one size fits all doesn’t look good on anyone, and that whether you’re romantic and passionate, quiet and reserved, or loud and vibrant - that your unique you is your best self. I believe that your images should be a celebration of YOU, and that it doesn’t have to fit the traditional mold, because what spoke to your grandmother may not speak to you.

I believe that you should spend more time dancing, snuggling, exploring, and learning - and less time posing, because the days go by too fast. And lastly, I believe in deep emotion; in capturing your truth in a way that is captivating, meaningful, and honest.

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